AT&T beefs up location-based services and A-GPS network

AT&T announces at CTIA Fall 2008 that it has added assisted GPS technology to its network to boost its location-based services.

GPS and cell phone integration is an increasing trend as more handsets come equipped with the technology and location-based services get more advanced. AT&T, it seems, is particularly committed to the idea.

AAA Mobile Navigator Networks in Motion

At CTIA Fall 2008, the carrier announced that it has deployed assisted GPS technology (A-GPS) to its network to speed up the time it takes a GPS-enabled mobile to get a fix on a user's location by using cell tower triangulation.

In addition to the A-GPS network, AT&T also revealed that it will launch several new location-based services to give its customer a choice in navigation software. The carrier currently only offers AT&T Navigator (also known as TeleNav Navigator), but it will soon be joined by MaqQuest Navigator and AAA Mobile , which is powered by Networks in Motion, the brains behind Verizon's VZ Navigator. Both applications are expected to be available in the coming weeks.

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