Asus officially shares its WiMax plans

A WiMax-equipped Eee PC 901 and WiMax USB dongle were among the products Asus displayed at the WiMax Summit in Taipei.

Asus Eee PC with WiMax dongle
If you've already bought an Eee PC, you can still add WiMax with a USB dongle. Asus

Asus has announced the products it plans to display at this week's WiMax Expo Taipei, and the list includes few surprises. After all, GCT Semiconductor already shared details of a WiMax-equipped Eee PC 901. But for those of us who don't necessarily feel compelled to invest in a new laptop just to get wireless broadband connectivity, Asus is also showing off the WUSB25E2V2 (catchy!), a mirror-finish WiMax USB dongle.

The other products on display are plug-and-play base stations, also known as customer premises equipment. More details on these products, with such memorable model names as WMNV25E2+, are available in the news release.

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