Asus' all-in-one PC: The Eee Monitor

The company adds a sleek desktop to the onslaught of PCs introduced this week at Computex.

Pictures of the Eee Monitor, the upcoming all-in-one desktop PC from Asus, have surfaced.


A PC World reporter at the Computex trade show in Taipei snapped a few photos of a company slide showing the Eee Monitor. Head herefor the images.

It appears quite iMac-esque--shiny and white with a minimalist design. And although Asus isn't confirming a price just yet, it's a fair assumption that the Monitor, part of Asus' low-cost Eee line, won't have an iMac-esque price tag.

Details surfaced in January suggesting a $499 price point. The Eee Monitor is supposed to use Intel's Shelton platform and include a TV tuner, and a display between 19 inches and 21 inches.

It should be available in September, which is almost a year after new all-in-one PCs from Dell and Gateway began to hit the market.

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