Aston Martin couch takes a back seat to none

It's an exact replica of the classic auto's rear end.

Aston Martin Heritage Designs

An ejector seat might be a fine way to get rid of the boss, but let's be serious--it isn't exactly something you'd find showcased in Architectural Digest. Aston Martin's "DB6 Couch" might not be either, but at least it doesn't threaten to send you flying out a window.

This limited-edition piece, from Aston Martin Heritage Designs, is an exact replica of a DB6 model's rear end with and is available in custom colors. Also true to the real thing is the price: $7,300, according to OhGizmo, and that doesn't even include the headrests.

The good thing is that you don't have to worry too much about spills because vodka martinis don't stain much--regardless of whether they're shaken or stirred.


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