Arwa faucet wins 'best of the best' award

Arwa's colorful faucet named "best of best" in red dot's 2008 design competition.

This elegant Arwa kitchen faucet, not to be mistaken for a snake about to pounce, caught the eye of thered dot design competition judges this year, winning a coveted "best of the best" product award. (Just 50 entries received that honor in the 2008 product design competition, which is one of the biggest and most prestigious. There were a total of 3,203 entries this year from 51 countries.)

The Arwa-Twinflex is made by Swiss kitchen and bathroom specialist Arwa.

This Arwa-Twinflex faucet is a design winner. Arwa

While the base of the faucet has a chrome finish, the PVC sheath, which fits over the spout, is available in some eye-popping colors including Orange and Pigeon Blue. For a more subdued look, there's Beige-Grey and Black. The sheaths are available separately and can be switched easily.

Not only does this faucet look great, but it is also quite flexible, letting you direct water exactly where it's needed. The spout and faucet head can be turned 360 degrees and--when moved to a particular position--remains there until it's moved.

The Arwa-Twinflex system has a temperature-limiter for safety. It uses patented Trigon mixing technology to clean and save water and a flow-limiter to conserve water, too.

Arwa, which has been in business since 1955, sells largely in Europe, though its fixtures are available through Gemini Bath and Kitchen products in Tucson, Ariz.

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