Arriva's sporty new Bluetooth headphones

Arriva's upcoming Leo Bluetooth stereo headphones are water- and sweat-resistant and geared toward sports enthusiasts and runners.

The Arriva Leo Bluetooth stereo headphones cost $99.95 and ship in March. Arriva

Arriva, the Colorado company that makes those funky, wire-free headphones for the iPod Shuffle second and fourth generation, has just unveiled an intriguing--and sporty--set of Bluetooth stereo headphones that goes by the name Leo.

These guys have that secure, comfortable fit that Arriva is known for (I used the Shuffle version of the headphones for running before my Shuffle died) and they work with any Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player or phone. They're water- and sweat-resistant and have controls built into the back of the headphones. There's also a microphone in the earpiece for making and receiving calls while you're doing whatever "extreme" sport you're doing--or just walking around.

The Leo headphones ($99.95) ship in March, but hopefully we'll get a review sample in the next month so we can let you know how they sound. Arriva is taking preorders now.

The Leo headphones are designed for "extreme" sports and wrap around the back of your head. Arriva

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