Arnie tells carmakers to get on the train to alternative fuels

Arnold Schwarzenegger at the LA Auto Show

Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked off the second day of the LA Auto Show here today by telling carmakers that clean energy is the future of the auto industry. Surrounded by a collection of alternative-fuel vehicles, including BMW's Hydrogen7, Tesla's electric-powered roadster, and Honda's hydrogen fuel cell-powered FCX Concept, the California governor said that it was time for automakers to "get on the train" to alternative energy.

He also thanked car manufacturers for what they have done to date in their efforts to produce vehicles that run on alternatives to gasoline. A troupe of automotive executives joined Schwarzenegger to unveil their alternative-fuel cars. Before unveiling the Hydrogen7, a 7-series BMW that can run on either gasoline or liquid hydrogen, Michael Ganal of BMW said that hydrogen was the only solution to the automotive alternative-fuel question. He called the Hydrogen7 a big step toward the future. We'll be getting a closer look at the car on the show floor later this morning. Today's kickoff event follows a presentation yesterday by GM's chairman Rick Wagoner, at which he announced that GM has begun development on a plug-in hybrid version of its 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line.

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