ARM's 2015 plan: Grab PC, server share

The message is clear: ARM Holdings is serious about being a PC and server player. And why not? After all, it's got notable support from companies including Microsoft and Nvidia.

ARM Holdings owns the mobile market when it comes to licensing chip architecture, but by 2015 the company expects to have a foothold in the PC and server market.

That's the primary takeaway from ARM Holdings' earnings conference call earlier this week. ARM is basically an intellectual property licensing company. As a result, it's a dominant processing company without actually manufacturing a processor. Instead, companies like Nvidia do the heavy lifting. Nevertheless, the message is clear: ARM Holdings is deadly serious about being a PC and server player, and at CES 2011 some of the pieces fell into place.

And why not? Microsoft is supporting ARM. Nvidia's Tegra chipset is landing server design wins.

ARM's high-performance computing (chart)
ARM Holdings, via ZDNet

Read more of "ARM Holdings' 2015 plan: Grab PC, server share" at ZDNet's Between the Lines.


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