Armani phone is officially underwhelming

Samsung handset bears no surprises.


Yawn. The Armani phone has been officially released at Milan Fashion week, but it hardly lived up to its posh surroundings.

The Tri-band phone Samsung is manufacturing for the designer was more pret-a porter than custom couture, as predicted earlier, having already been seen on the market (gasp) before the official unveiling. The specs, according to Pocket-lint, include a 2.6-inch QVGA display and 3-megapixel in a 0.4-inch-thick handset, along with a matching Bluetooth headset and leather carrying case.

The offering was expectedly underwhelming by comparison to, say, the Prada phone that generated much buzz before its release. But the two companies will other chances to make a bolder statement, as they announced that they'll be collaborating on flat-screen TVs and other electronics that will bear the Armani nameplate. Could a designer line at K-mart be next?

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