Are you a Connoisseurian?

An oddly named line of ranges is set to hit stores this summer. Is it a distraction or is there substance behind it?

Connoisseurian: New line of Capital Cooking dual-fuel ranges.
Connoisseurian: New line of Capital Cooking dual-fuel ranges. Capital Cooking

Kitchens are full of compromises. Occasionally ingredients run out, equipment doesn't work properly, and of course, time is always a factor. But when thrown for a curve in the kitchen, the only answer is to make do. Recipes can be changed, equipment hacks can be invented, and shortcuts can be discovered. But nothing can be done to turn back the clock on original purchases.

Deciding between a gas range and an electric one may involve a variety of choices, but sometimes the answer can be both. A new line of dual-fuel ranges are coming this summer from Capital Cooking. The Connoisseurian line will have the power and finesse of gas for the cooktop while integrating the convenience of electricity for the oven.

The new line of kitchen appliances will come in four basic size configurations available in 10 different colors (with custom colors available through special order). The gas burners will be available open or sealed, and taking advantage of the dual-fuel construction, a motorized rotisserie system will be available in most models. Additionally, the company features a cooking mode they call MoistRoast, which uses water to add moisture during the cooking process -- which sure beats trying to figure out a compromise for a dry, overcooked roast after the fact.

A prototype will available for viewing at the 2012 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, April 24 to 26.

(Via Appliancist)

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