Are we to get our very own Nokia N95 with 3G?

A sales flyer sparks rumors that the U.S. market will get its own version of the Nokia N95 with 3G and larger battery.

Nokia N95
The U.S. Nokia N95? Symbian-Guru via Engadget Mobile

Well, hey now! (Does anyone else remember this episode from The Larry Sanders Show?) received this alleged promo flyer for a U.S. version of the Nokia N95 super smart phone. The revamped model includes the addition of HSDPA (850/1900 MHz) 3G support, a higher-capacity 1200mAh battery (compared to the old 950mAh lithium-ion cell), increased 128MB of RAM, a 1GB microSD card included in the box, and a redesigned black back cover. Some say that this flavor of the N95 could land stateside as early as next month with the backing of AT&T, but we're treating this as merely a rumor right now. Time for some sleuthing...

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