Are concrete speakers a solid idea?

Designer molds a pair of floor-standing concrete speakers based on horn loudspeaker technology. Their weight: a hefty 123 pounds a pair.

Exposed concrete speakers
We wonder if these would sound good with industrial music. Linski Design

If you thought your typical tower speakers were heavy, wait until you get a load of the Exposed concrete speakers. As a graduation project, Israeli industrial and product design student Shmuel Linski molded a pair of floor-standing speakers based on horn loudspeaker technology. The construction of the speakers is very basic, with the driver (full-range, we presume) at the top and the bass port at the bottom. The driver and port are linked by a 38-inch pipe, which isn't lined with any sound-absorbent material. Their weight: a hefty 123 pounds a pair.

We aren't sure what sort of impact concrete would have on audio fidelity, so it may be a good thing these aren't for sale yet. The designer is also a fan of making other stuff out of concrete. A coffee maker and a canoe--yes, you read that right--count among his other notable projects.

Solid idea? We'll have to wait till some audiophiles get their hands on these for a verdict.

(Source: Crave Asia via Stereophile)

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