ARA 3.0 possible PPP connect problem

ARA 3.0 possible PPP connect problem

According to Bill Vlahos: "Apple Remote Access 3.0 will have problems with most Cisco AS5200 dialup servers using PPP based connections (I have not tested ARAP based connections). There will be an Cisco IOS upgrade which should fix the problem (IOS 11.2(9)) but it is not out yet (expected very soon). Anyone attempting to connect to an AS5200 via modem will get stuck "Starting Network Protocols...". At that point the user must click the Cancel button which terminates the session. The user will have to use other software such as OTPPP to connect until their ISP upgrades their equipment. ISDN connections seem to work fine. This could potentially effect a lot of people who won't have any way of knowing what their ISP uses as their dialup server and upgrading an AS5200 is not a trivial task. I have also seen this problem with a Shiva LanRover using PPP based connections using version 3.5 of ShivaOS which is not the current version. ARAP based connections seem to work OK."

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