AppMates: Disney toys turn iPad into a racetrack

New line of toys for kids 4 and up let you race toy cars around a virtual racetrack.

Disney AppMates

It looks like Disney has an interesting new approach to gaming on the iPad. Check out AppMates, a new line of toys designed to convert your Apple tablet into a virtual play mat.

To start playing with the toy cars, you'll have to first download the official Cars 2 Appmates application. Launch the app and you'll be able to drive through obstacle courses, race scenarios, and various missions with them.

The miniature cars for kids aged 4 and up (yes, that includes you parents) will be available sometime in October either through Apple or Disney stores and cost $20 for two pieces. That's a bit pricey if you ask us, but on the bright side, the app required for these devices to work is free.

Disney AppMates cars

Additionally, Disney seems to be giving you more reasons to collect all of the toys--each lets you unlock a unique feature in the app.

Take a look at this video to see the toys in action:

(Source: Crave Asia)


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