AppleVision 1710 goes black again! (more on the GoMac conflict)

AppleVision 1710 goes black again! (more on the GoMac conflict)

On today's MRP, Eric chronicles his troubles with the infamous 1710 monitor going black after a recalibration with GoMac installed. This is a essentially a more serious symptom of the general GoMac/recalibration conflict mentioned here previously. Eric tried many of the standard solutions to try to get the monitor back. None worked - until he used the trick of accessing the Mac connected to the monitor via another Mac connected with Timbuktu - and then accessing the Monitors & Sound control panel to reset factory defaults (details are on his page). This solution has been tried by others and typically does work - although its value is limited to those that have ready access to two connected Macs and the Timbuktu software. One other solution that often works for me is to unplug the monitor from the wall outlet and let it sit for about 20 minutes and then replug it.

Meantime, my advice is never to recalibrate your 1710 monitor with GoMac enabled!


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