AppleTalk error with HP DeskWriter 680c

AppleTalk error with HP DeskWriter 680c

The May 27 Information Alley describes a problem with Power Macintosh 5400, 6400, and 6360 series computers, when printing multiple page documents to a Hewlett Packard DeskWriter 680c over LocalTalk. In particular, the following message appears: "Your document scheduled to print on DeskWriter 680c has been canceled because of an AppleTalk Error. Make sure the printer is properly connected and turned on. Try printing again."

"Apple and Hewlett Packard are aware of this issue. It occurs only when printing on an isolated LocalTalk network from Power Macintosh 5400, 6400, and 6360 series computers to the HP DeskWriter 680c. This behavior is not exhibited when printing over a serial connection, nor does it appear to occur when printing over a segmented LocalTalk network." The suggested work-around is to "Use a serial connection. Put the printer and the computer on separate physical LocalTalk networks and connect the networks with an AppleTalk device that re-transmits packets (such as an AppleTalk router)."

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