Apple's US laptop share hits 10.6 in the second quarter

Apple's US market share is on a tear.

Despite IT spending hitting the skids, according to Forrester, Apple's US laptop market share hit double digits for the first time, leaping from 6.6 percent market share in Q2 2007 to 10.6 percent market share in Q2 2008, as The Register details.

Yes, it's only the laptop market, but as more and more of the market shifts to portables...this is good news for Apple, indeed.

Globally, Apple's overall share is not as rich, at a reported 3.3 percent , in part because its European market share still sags at 5.5 percent. Net Applications, however, puts Apple's global Mac market share at 7.86 percent as of September 2008.

Still, one suspects Apple can afford to be patient. All indicators point up and to the right these days for the iconic computer (and phone, and music device, and entertainment, and...) company. Microsoft, facing competition from Google Chrome (and Google Apps), Apple's Mac, and a general move away from operating systems qua operating systems, has never looked so vulnerable.

For the record, while I have certainly done my part to encourage Apple's bump in market share , I can't take all the credit. :-) Just look at this classroom at the Missouri School of Journalism:

Not a pretty sight, if you're Microsoft.

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