Apple's Steve Jobs back at work

The company's chief executive has officially returned from a six-month medical leave of absence.

Steve Jobs health
Apple CEO Steve Jobs briefly addressed his state of health onstage at an Apple event last October. James Martin/CNET News

After taking a medical leave of absence in January, Steve Jobs on Monday officially resumed his work as CEO of Apple.

"Steve is back to work," Apple spokesman Steve Dowling, told Bloomberg News. Jobs will be working at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., "a few days a week" and working from home on the rest, according to the report.

Jobs initially was said to be taking a break from work to focus on recuperating from a hormone imbalance. But in April he received a liver transplantfrom a hospital in Tennessee. Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook handled the day-to-day duties of running Apple in Jobs' absence. Meanwhile, Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller filled in for Jobs as keynote speaker at Apple's product events and, most recently, the Worldwide Developer Conference.

During his absence, the company Jobs founded didn't seem to miss a beat. Apple released both the latest update to the iPhone operating system, as well as the new iPhone 3GS hardware, and the stock soared from $85.33 the day he announced his temporary leave to close at $142.44 on Friday.

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