Apple's OS X Mavericks set for October launch -- report

Despite claims the software would be available this month, a new report says Apple will launch OS X Mavericks at the end of October.


Apple's OS X Mavericks will be available later than initially expected, according to a new report.

Apple is planning to launch OS X 10.9 Mavericks at the end of October, 9to5Mac reported on Friday, citing people who claim to have knowledge of the company's plans. It was originally believed Apple might launch Mavericks this month, though the company did not confirm that would be the case.

In fact, Apple has not confirmed anything. The company has simply said that Mavericks, which comes with hundreds of improvements over OS X 10.8, will be available in the fall, alongside a new Mac Pro. Apple has not yet committed to a date.

That might change next Tuesday, however, when Apple holds a special event where the company is expected to showcase new iPhones. It's possible Apple could announce availability for Mavericks and other products at that event. If and when it does, CNET will be there to cover every last second .

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