Apple's NYC 'cube' store remodel goes seamless

Apple takes the wraps off the slight redesign to its iconic Fifth Avenue "cube" store in Manhattan. The new design uses fewer glass pieces while occupying the same space.

Apple is promising a prettier version of its Fifth Avenue retail store in Manhattan following the unwrapping of its well-hidden construction project.

In a sign posted outside the store this week, picked up by MacRumors, the company notes that it's "simplifying" the design of its iconic glass cube "by using larger, seamless pieces of glass." All told, the renovation--which Apple retail tracking blog ifoAppleStore estimated to cost some $6.6 million dollars--will bring the outside design down to 15 panels from the 90 it was using before.

New York-focused blog Gothamist, which reported on the changes this morning, got a hold of an official rendering of the new exterior, which is posted below:

A rendering of what Apple's Fifth Ave. retail store will look like when Apple's done with its construction.
A rendering of what Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store will look like when Apple's done with its construction. Apple/Gothamist

That's compared to the previous version, which used smaller, square-shaped panels:

Apple's previous Fifth Avenue cube design.
Apple's previous Fifth Avenue cube design. Apple

Work on Apple's store, which is one of the most photographed landmarks in New York, began in mid-June. Besides work to the cube itself, a list of permits pulled together by ifoAppleStore listed that the company is also renovating part of the drainage system above the square, then repaving it when done.

Since opening in 2006, the underground store has gone on to become one of the company's busiest, and reportedly the most profitable .

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