Apple's iPad hits the street in San Francisco

The iPad launches from the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco.

It was an early Saturday morning in San Francisco for the few hundred who lined up outside the Apple Store on Stockton Street to be some of the first to get their hands on Apple's new tablet, the iPad.

Some had been there all night, other had arrived early that morning. And as as we waited for the doors to open at 9 a.m., still more people showed up. Eventually, the lined curled to the end of the block and around the corner. As always, the press was there to cover the event, and advertisers were taking advantage of the scene too, handing out coffee and doughnuts and pitching their new iPad apps to those who were huddled up on the curb in sleeping bags and on camp chairs surrounded with Apple products.

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Hundreds of people lined up
Hundreds of people lined up Saturday outside the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco waiting for the release of Apple's new tablet, the iPad. James Martin/CNET
Long line
Apple San Francisco store
Just after 9 a.m. and a raucous 30-second countdown from the Apple employees inside, the doors opened and the iPad went on sale in San Francisco. James Martin/CNET
iPad applause
Employees offer applause coming in and applause coming out for the customers with newly purchased iPads. James Martin/CNET

Update at 3:20 p.m.: A photo that may have misidentified an Apple executive has been removed.

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