Apple Vs. IDG Reflections; 15 GHz Pentiums?

Apple Vs. IDG Reflections; 15 GHz Pentiums?

Apple Vs. IDG Reflections Speculating on the recent spat between IDG and Apple over the location of 2004's Summer Macworld Expo, a columnist for says "The PR bomb was designed for maximum embarrassment and, in that respect, was a smashing success. Menino and Greco, who in recent weeks were led to believe Apple was on board with the move, were shocked and angered. Instead of a pat on the back, they got a slap in the face. What's worse, it happened on their own their own event." More.

15 GHz Pentiums? If Intel's marketing hype is to be believed, users can expect to see the processing speed of Intel's desktop processors hit 15 GHz and that of wireless device and PDA processors hit 5 GHz by 2010. The 15-GHz desktop chip, some five times as fast as the company's soon-to-be-launched 3-GHz Pentium 4 chip, will pack one billion transistors, said Pat Gelsinger, vice president and chief technology officer of Intel as he delivered a keynote address to the company's Intel Developer Forum Japan conference in Tokyo according to a PC World report. More.

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