Apple TV gets its own 'road' case

WaterField Design has a new protective case--the Apple TV Pouch--for those who travel with their Apple TV.

WaterField Design's Apple TV Pouch retails for $45. WaterField Design

WaterField Designs makes all kinds of cases, bags, and gear pouches for all kinds of portable products. Now, with more people allegedly taking their Apple TVs on the road with them, it's offering up some protection with its $45 Apple TV Pouch.

As you can see from the picture, the case, which comes in tangerine and a carbonlike "flash" color, is significantly large than the Apple TV itself. But that's because it has four interior pockets to accommodate the unit, an HDMI cable, the power cord, and the remote.

We've tested several WaterField cases and they're very well designed (and made in America). We suspect, however, that some may balk at the idea of protecting a $99 product with a $45 protective case. Then again, those who want to see their Apple TV travel in style, may not.

Case considerations aside, any of you taking your Apple TV out on the road with you?

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