Apple TIL files on Workgroup Servers and WiggleWorks

Apple TIL files on Workgroup Servers and WiggleWorks

Mac OS 8 upgrades for Workgroup Servers If your are upgrading your Workgroup Server 7350 or 9650 to Mac OS 8, check out the updated Apple TIL file for some advice, including information about software updates to get.

WiggleWorks patch A new Apple TIL file states: "Customers have reported problems when printing from the WiggleWorks program. Specifically, they report Type 1 errors and the inability to successfully print the WiggleWorks graphics to Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers, and Type 1 errors when printing to an Apple Color StyleWriter 2400 and Apple StyleWriter 1200." The solution, if you have the Apple logo'd version, is to get the WiggleWorks 1.0.2 Patch.

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