Apple Store employee rescues woman from alleged kidnapper

An employee at an Apple Store in Louisville, Ky., helps a woman who was allegedly kidnapped by discreetly contacting police, as she and the purported kidnapper are in the store.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It must have been quite a surreal scene.

A woman in Louisville, Ky., claims that last Saturday she arranged a date with a man, who arrived at her door and pointed a gun at her leg.

He then allegedly forced her to drive around to several stores, in order to buy cell phones in her own name, with her own money.

According to WDRB News, one of those stores was an Apple Store in Oxmoor Mall.

Somehow -- it's unclear how -- her puported kidnapper, named as Victor A. Sarver Jr., 32, was sufficiently negligent to allow the unnamed woman the chance to beg an Apple Store employee for help.

The staffer called store security, who then contacted the police. The woman was rescued from her ordeal, and Sarver was arrested. All along, the woman said, she had thought his name was "Greg."

Sarver has been charged with kidnapping and robbery.

The Apple Store employee had done exactly what anyone would have hoped.

However, there might have been a few people who would first have wondered whether the woman was simply a little strange, rather than in a potentially life-threatening situation.

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