Apple sells refurbished iPhones

Refurbished models of the iPhone knock $100 off the price.

Apple iPhone
Get 'em while they're hot Corrine Schulze/CNET Networks

Yes, they've been on sale for only two months, but refurbished iPhones are now available for purchase on Apple's Web site. You can get both versions at a $100 discount with free shipping. That puts the 8GB model at $499 (17 percent off the original price) and the 4GB model at $399 (21 percent off). All the features are the same, including that required AT&T two-year contract, unless that is, you can get around it.

While the $100 discount may be good news to wannabe iPhone owners with smaller budgets, it sparks a interesting question. Just where are the refurbished iPhones coming from? Is Apple getting enough returns so they can resell them at such a volume so soon after the phone's release? Or are Apple employees refusing their free iPhones? Or is this just a clever marketing ploy, the kind at which Apple excels? I bet on the latter.

Source: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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