Apple selling limited number of 4GB iPod Nanos

Some retailers in Europe are selling 4GB versions of the iPod Nanos that Apple unveiled last week in 8GB and 16GB capacities--for about $50 more than the 8GB version.

Apple is selling a 4GB version of the new iPod Nano, shown here, in certain areas of Europe. CNET

Apple appears to be selling a 4GB version of its new iPod Nano in Europe, but not in its home market.

Engadget noticed that 4GB Nanos in the new color scheme were appearing on store shelves in the Netherlands, and The Register was able to confirm with an Apple representative that a "limited number" of the smaller iPod Nanos are being sold in various markets.

Apple introduced 8GB and 16GB versions of the new iPod Nano last week during its annual September iPod event.

According to the reports, the 4GB model costs 120 euros, or $170.57, as compared to the $149 you'll pay for the 8GB model on Apple's online store. Yeah, I can't make sense of that pricing strategy, either.

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