Apple seeks European trademark for green apple logo

The Mac and iOS device maker has filed for two trademarks that cover the Granny Smith apple logos that once belonged to The Beatles' Apple Corps.

Apple's apple trademark application
Part of Apple's Granny Smith trademark application with the European Trademarks Office. Patently Apple

Some four years after Apple Inc. and Beatles-backed record label Apple Corps announced that the two companies had settled their trademark dispute (with Apple Inc. coming out the owner), the Mac and iOS device maker has filed paperwork with the European Trademarks Office seeking to make the famous Granny Smith logos its own abroad.

The filings, unearthed by Patently Apple, cover 14 international trademark classifications in common areas like advertising, games, and computer hardware, and in more obscure ones like precious metals and building construction.

Following the 2007 settlement, Apple had filed trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that showed the company having been transfered the rights to use the Apple Corps Granny Smith logo, as well as cross-sections of the fruit photo as part of its business.

One of the apple's most recent manifestations since appearing on the album and disc art on the "Abbey Road" album, was in the form of a fruit-shaped USB stick that shipped with the entire Beatles catalog back in 2009. That catalog has since arrived as a digital download on Apple's iTunes store.

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