Apple said, AT&T said

More on the iPhone sales figures disagreement.

Tom Krazit has an informative piece up about the "disagreement" between AT&T and Apple on the iPhone numbers.

Apple reported 270,000 units (to clarify, that's all iPhones -- accessories were included in the revenue number but not the units) shipped in the first 30 hours while AT&T says only 146,000 were activated.

Of the potential reasons Krazit lists, the Macalope suspects the lion's share of the discrepancy between the two numbers is due to the activation woes and the fact that Apple is including units that it shipped to AT&T to replenish stock after most of the stores sold out in the first hours -- units AT&T didn't get until the third calendar quarter.

Krazit notes that Reuters had initially quoted an anonymous source that said only 2% of iPhones had significant activation delays. Anecdotally, that seems way too low. The horned one would put it more around 15% based on what his furry ears were picking up that weekend. But, again, that's just the the Macalope's off-the-hoof conjecture.

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