Apple pulls out time machine to disprove Samsung tablet claims

Before-and-after images of Samsung's tablet computers are designed to highlight major tweaks that took place after Apple's iPad and iPad2 launches.

The legal contest now under way between Apple and Samsung in a San Jose, Calif., court is being fought inside and - - increasingly -- outside the courtroom.

The latest data dump now open to public perusal comes from Apple, which has submitted into evidence a new batch of before-and-after images taken of Samsung's tablet computers, a photo montage clearly designed to highlight major tweaks to the Samsung products that took place after Apple's iPad and iPad2 launches.

Apple claims Samsung stole the design and certain features of its iPad and iPhone, and wants $2.5 billion in damages and a sales ban. Samsung, which denies the claims, maintains that Apple is the infringing party. The trial is scheduled to last through August.

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