Apple planning Super Bowl Beatles ad?

According to reports, Apple and The Beatles might be ready to announce a partnership for online music during the Super Bowl.

There will, of course, be a football game played on Feb. 4. But we all know half the audience just watches the Super Bowl for the ads, and that's something Apple might be counting on.

Coming soon to iTunes? Wikipedia

The Toronto Sun reported Wednesday that Apple could be ready to announce a three-month deal for Beatles songs on iTunes via a commercial during this year's Super Bowl. Classic Beatles songs have not been available on iTunes while Apple and Apple Records--The Beatles' label--have tussled in court over a trademark dispute. To this point, The Beatles have actually resisted any online music service, but a report last year said that the songs would become available online after they had been remastered.

Rumormongers got this latest one started following CEO Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote last week, when he played "Lovely Rita" from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on Apple's iPhone. The cover art for that album was also shown on the iPhone during the keynote.

Apple has used Super Bowl ads to make a big splash in the past, perhaps most famously with its "1984" ad. That Super Bowl was also the last time the currently hapless Oakland Raiders won the big game, which makes us feel really old and probably makes Al Davis cry.

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