Apple Newton vs Apple iPhone

If you put a 12-year-old Apple Newton MessagePad in the ring next to a brand-new Apple iPhone 3GS, which would win in a fight? Rory and Flora put their boxing gloves on to find out

Back when CNET UK was a baby, it pitted an Apple Newton MessagePad against a Samsung Q1 UMPC in a brutal boxing match to the death. The Newton, despite being ten years the Q1's senior, emerged victorious and the crowd -- that's you lot -- went wild.

Today, we've taken the reigning champion, the very same Apple Newton Messagepad, out of retirement to put it up against a brand-new contender. This time, the opposition is no Windows-tainted experiment doomed to failure. Oh no -- this time it's the Newton's very own grandchild, the iPhone 3GS.

It would be a little unfair to compare the two devices on a like for like basis. One's a phone, for goodness sake, and one's a 400-year-old tablet thingy. We're going to take a relative look at each, focusing on how innovative they were for their respective times.

Over the following pages, we'll compare their designs, screens, applications, reliability, networking skills, and any special powers they may have. Mobile phone guru Flora "I eat farts" Graham will be arguing the iPhone's cause, and PC expert Rory "shock and awe" Reid will fight for Newtonian pride.

So whatchu waitin' for? We know you want to see some blood spill. Let's do this!

Big loves to The Ring for accomodating this epic contest.

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