Apple lovers, rejoice: iPhone magnets for the fridge

Apple fans have a long history of buying anything and everything Apple. But will they pick up a set of magnets modeled after iPhone apps for $13?

iPhone app magnets
That's not an iPhone screenshot, those are app magnets. Jailbreak Toys

If you're an Apple fan with a particular love for all things iPhone, you'll want to check out Jailbreak Toys' new App Magnets.

The company has looked at all those apps you'll find in the iPhone and turned them into magnets you can place on your refrigerator. The offering includes magnets of Safari, Mail, and several other apps that come pre-loaded on the iPhone. All told, 18 magnets come in the box.

The Jailbreak Toys iPhone magnets follow a long line of tech-related products that have been converted into magnets. In fact, just a few years ago, a designer offered Tetris magnets for sale . They were cool and all, but for Apple fans, they will likely pale in comparison to these new App Magnets.

Now they just need to ask themselves one question: are they willing to pay $13 for 18 magnets?

(Via Gizmodo)

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