Apple jumps the gun on new MacBooks

New Core 2 Duo laptops from Apple.

For days, the Internet's rumor mill has been screaming about Apple's new MacBook laptops. Of course, everyone's been screaming "next week" when, in fact, Apple just officially dropped the new MacBook Pro models today at about 8:30 EDT.


What's so special about these new MacBooks? They've got the latest and greatest Intel processor: the Core 2 Duo (in 2.16GHz and 2.33GHz flavors, if you're curious). Both 15- and 17-inch screens are available, and there are all the usual Apple goodies, like a built-in iSight camera and an Apple Front Row remote control for playing music, photos, and videos.

If the sound of a new MacBook makes you immediately reach for your credit card, keep in mind there are three models to choose from. You can get the 15-inch version with the 2.16GHz CPU for $1,999 or the 2.33GHz CPU for $2,499--or splurge for the 17-inch, 2.33GHz model for $2,799.

As of now, the 15-inch models should ship in 2 to 4 days, while the 17-inch will take 7 to 10 days.

(Photo: Apple Computer)

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