Apple iTunes Festival slated for SXSW

The company will host a five-night event at the show, featuring performances by Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Keith Urban, and many others.

Apple will be heading to the SXSW next month, marking the first time the company will create an iTunes Festival event in the US.

Starting on March 11 and running through March 15, Apple will host five live iTunes Festival events at SXSW. The company plans to have several popular artists perform, including Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Keith Urban, and others. Apple says that it will make announcements on new additions to the festival in the coming weeks.

Apple has been holding iTunes Festivals in London for some time. So far, over 400 artists have performed at the festivals and Apple has attracted over 430,000 people to the events. The performances are then made available for purchase in the iTunes Store.

According to Apple, all five SXSW iTunes Festival nights, set to happen at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas, will be streamed for free through its iTunes Store. Those who want to view the concerts can watch on their iOS device or Apple TV.

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