Apple: iPhone won't be cordless

April Fool's!

In a controversial move Apple claims will "turn the mobile arena upside-down," the company announced today that the iPhone will not be cordless.

The iCord will change the way people think about wireless devices.

The iCord, which users will need to make calls on the Apple iPhone, will be sold exclusively through Apple. Starting in June, the iCord will be available in Snow Leopard White in lengths of 20 ft. ($200), 70 ft. ($400), and the high-end, 150 ft. iCord Pro ($700).

To announce the iCord line, the normal homepage was replaced with a graphic that read, "The phone? Reinvented. The cord? That too."

Upon hearing the news, several Mac enthusiasts' heads spontaneously combusted. Others moaned in ecstasy and spoke in tongues for periods of up to 15 minutes.

Prospective iCord buyers may want to wait a few months. Apple is expected to launch new iCord colors, such as Black Coffee and Haute Pink, in November. New lengths, such as 30 ft., 60 ft., and 155 ft., are also in development.

The iCord Mini, with a length of just four inches, is also rumored to debut this November.

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