Apple in giving spirit with '12 Days of Gifts' for iOS users

The company has launched an app in the App Store, inviting users to download one free digital item daily between December 26 and January 6.

Apple is bringing its popular 12 Days of Gifts to the United States.

Previously offered only in Canada and Europe, the 12 Days of Gifts app is now available to US customers via the App Store. The program entails Apple handing out one free digital item for a period of 12 days between December 26 and January 6. Apple won't say until each day what it is offering, but the freebies can be anything from music to apps to movies.

The app, which hit the App Store on Tuesday, is available for free. Once a daily offer has been made, customers have 24 hours to download it before it's taken away and replaced with the next day's gift.

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