Apple giving $100 refund on recent iPad purchases

Company is offering customers who paid full price for its iPad a $100 refund--if they bought it within 14 days of the iPad 2 announcement and the first-gen price drop.

The new iPad means a $100 discount for recent first-gen iPad buyers.
The new iPad means a $100 discount for recent first-gen iPad buyers. James Martin/CNET

If you bought the iPad very recently, you may qualify for a $100 refund.

Apple is offering $100 back to customers who purchased the iPad at its former price, an Apple customer-service rep confirmed to CNET today. The refund, which will be applied to a person's credit card, applies to all versions of the first-generation iPad.

Of course, there is a catch. According to the customer-service rep, Apple is offering the $100 refund only to those who purchased the last-gen tablet within 14 days of yesterday's announcement of the iPad 2. The customer-service rep wouldn't nail down a date, but the cut-off would seemingly be February 16.

The iPad 2, which comes with two cameras, a dual-core processor, and either a black or white finish, is scheduled to hit store shelves March 11 for a starting price of $499.

Apple also said yesterday that it has started selling first-generation iPad models for $100 less than their previous price tags.

Online customers who already made their purchase must call Apple customer service to process the refund, the customer-service rep said. In-store purchasers must bring their receipt with them to the brick-and-mortar to get their money back.

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