Apple developing large, curved-screen iPhones, says report

A Bloomberg report says that two new iPhones may be released next year. They are also said to have enhanced sensors.

Something like this Samsung? EVLeaks/Twitter

Without rumors, what would Apple be? Just another company trying to sell you a nice phone.

So Sunday it was heartening to imagine that, in 2014, Cupertino might be releasing two new phones.

Each would be larger than the current iPhone 5. And each would have a curved glass screen.

Bloomberg, citing someone with knowledge of the development process, says that the new iPhones would have screens of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

This is almost as large as the Samsung Galaxy Note's 5.7 inches.

If this isn't exciting enough, these new Apple phones -- set for release, perhaps, in September 2014 -- would also have special new sensors. These would be able to feel whether pressure being applied was light or heavy.

In October, Samsung teased its Galaxy Round, a phone that, at least in one sense, rocks.

Like all Apple rumors, this one should be rocked a little to see how quickly it might go to sleep.

After all, iPhone 5 was said by an unnamed source to enjoy curved glass screens. That was in 2011.

What seems evident is that form is an area of deep research for all hardware manufacturers, as they sense that function might have plateaued.

Now that our phones can run our lives, tell us how healthy we are and maybe even when we're going to die, what else can they possibly do?

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