Apple comments on ARA 3.0 and PPP control panel; OT/PPP Strip 1.0.2 released

Apple comments on ARA 3.0 and PPP control panel; OT/PPP Strip 1.0.2 released

Regarding the issue of the PPP control panel (raised last time) Apple's Richard Ford confirms what we wrote and adds: "ARA 3.0 offers a superset of the features of OT/PPP - it supports both AppleTalk and TCP/IP concurrently over a PPP connection. Both protocols will be enabled if the PPP server supports both. It also supports the Apple Remote Access Protocol (ARAP) v2.0 and so can be used to call either a PPP server or an ARA server. ARA 3.0's ability to use TCP/IP over a PPP connection can and does 100% replace the functionality of OT/PPP. The two packages are mutually exclusive."

Thomas Weyer (Communication Technologies Evangelist at Apple) adds:
a. ARA 3.0 already includes a control strip for ARA (ARAP/PPP) connectivity.
b. ATCP (AppleTalk Control Protocol) is not tunneled over PPP, as one reader suggests, but rather runs native as another PPP service. Just as you run TCP/IP across a PPP link. PPP is inherently a simultaneously multi protocol link layer." [These distinctions are getting past my level of expertise on such matters!]

OT/PPP Strip 1.0.2 released Meanwhile, Dennis Wilkinson has announced the release of OT/PPP Strip 1.0.2. OT/PPP Strip is a control strip that gives access to Apple's Open Transport/PPP 1.0.x and Apple Remote Access 3.0 settings from the Control Strip.Version 1.0.2 is a minor revision that adds support for controlling Apple Remote Access 3.0.


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