Apple Byte: The iPad Mini is in mass production

Multiple reports confirm the iPad Mini is coming soon. Forget about Maps, Purplegate is the new Bad Apple. Plus, our iPhone 5 giveaway!


In this week's episode, you can't escape all the news and rumors about Apple's anticipated iPad Mini. My own sources have confirmed the reports that it's in mass production. Plus, we're also seeing just as many product leaks with the iPad Mini that we saw from the iPhone 5.

Tim Cook said Apple was "doubling down on secrecy," but I haven't seen it yet. What do YOU think Apple has been doubling down on? Let us know in the poll.

Speaking of the iPhone 5, crying about Maps is getting old. Purplegate is the latest iPhone issue that we'll talk about.

We take a moment to remember Steve Jobs, one year after his passing. Granny Smith is our Apple Byte App of the Week and we have an awesome iPhone 5 case giveaway from our friends at Speck.

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