Apple: App Store still coming July 11

Apple's Australian Web site had stated earlier Wednesday that iPhone applications would be arriving June 27, but an Apple representative says July is still the plan.

The App Store won't be arriving in June, despite reports to the contrary based on Apple's Australian Web site. James Martin/CNET

Apple has moved to squash rumors that the iPhone's App Store could be coming sooner rather than later.

Earlier Wednesday, Apple's Australian Web site had a little note at the bottom of its page about the iPod Touch that said "Shop for hundreds of applications made for iPod Touch. Available June 27." On Monday, Apple announced that the App Store, which is part of the iPhone 2.0 software release, would arrive on July 11 .

An Apple representative confirmed that July is still the plan, and the Aussies have since updated their page to point to a link to the iPhone's SDK page. It's not clear where the June 27 date came from, but there seems to have been some confusion this month about the App Store: a source told us last week that applications would be "launching" on Monday, and in this context, "launching" appears to have meant "showing off quick snippets of the application's capability."

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