Apple and Cisco extend deadline to discuss iPhone agreement

Apple and Cisco Systems are still trying to work out an agreement over the use of the name "iPhone".

The companies said late Wednesday that they have agreed to extend the time for Apple to respond to a lawsuit Cisco filed against Apple claiming the computer and iPod maker is using its trademark "iPhone" without permission. They extended the deadline so they could continue discussions on an agreement, which Cisco hopes will include interoperability among the companies' products.

Cisco has owned the iPhone trademark since 2000, and in December it launched a new line of Linksys-branded voice over IP phones called "iPhone".

Meanwhile, Apple and Cisco were also involved in intense negotiations over the iPhone trademark rights until the night before Apple announced its new iPod/cellphone at Macworld Expo in early January. Apple left the negotiating table, and the companies never reached an agreement, according to Cisco.

Cisco has said that it isn't concerned about collecting money from Apple for using its "iPhone" name. Instead the network equipment maker wants to strike an agreement that will allow the iPhone products from either company to interoperate.

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