Apple adds raw support for Nikon D5100

Photo enthusiasts with Nikon's new SLR or a few high-end compacts now can use their cameras' raw photos in iPhoto and Mac OS X.

Nikon's D5100
Nikon's D5100 Nikon

With an update released today, Apple's photo applications now can handle raw images from Nikon's new mainstream SLR and some new high-end compact cameras.

The Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 3.7 means iPhoto, Aperture, and Mac OS X can handle the unprocessed images from Nikon's D5100, Fujifilm's FinePix X100, Olympus' E-PL2 and XZ-1, and Samsung's GX-1S. For those who don't install the update, Apple rolls the support into later versions of Mac OS X.

Raw photos enable more flexibility for editing, for example letting photographers adjust exposure and white balance. The flexibility comes at a cost, though: software makers must add support for proprietary raw formats, and photographers must process the photos to produce JPEGs or other formats that people without special software can view.

Apple also released an update for its ProKit 7.0 applications such as Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro to fix a handful of lesser bugs.

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