Apple 1 sells for a whopping $387,750 in online auction

Built in Steve Jobs' parents' garage in 1976, one of Apple's original computers becomes the highest priced item ever sold in a Christie's online-only auction.

This Apple 1 sold for $387,750 in a Christie's online auction. Christie's

Instead of paying top dollar for the newest tech products, some people are spending a lot of money on the oldest tech products.

One of Apple's original computers, known as the Apple 1, sold for $387,750 in a Christie's online auction on Tuesday. It's the highest priced item ever sold in one of Christie's online-only auctions.

The computer was built in Steve Jobs' parents' garage and designed by Steve Wozniak. There's no monitor, but Christie's says that the device is still functional.

"The Apple-1, one of the first 25 Apple-1's ever assembled, inscribed with the serial number 01-0025 in black ink was designed and hand-built in 1976 by Steve Wozniak, who later signed his work 'Woz,'" Christie's said in a statement.

Besides the Apple 1, Christie's also auctioned off other " iconic technology from the twentieth century " -- almost all of it old-school Apple swag, including fabled flop the Lisa, as well as a rare 20th anniversary Macintosh and Mac Portable prototype.

While nearly $400,000 is a lot of cash, it's less than the price of another Apple 1 that was auctioned off in May. Sold by German auction house Breker, that Apple 1 fetched $671,400 -- but, it had a monitor.


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