App makers piggyback on iTunes 50 billion app giveaway

Two app makers say they will give the 50 billionth app download winner a heap of extra money if the app is one of theirs.

Apple's got about 429 million more app downloads to go before it tops 50 billion, and two companies are putting money down if their apps are the 50 billionth.

Addappt, a social address book service that launched last June and was created by former Microsoft and LinkedIn employees, says it will give the person who wins Apple's 50 billion app download giveaway a $10,000 Apple store gift card if the app they downloaded was -- you guessed it -- Addappt.

That prize would be on top of the $10,000 App Store gift card Apple says it will give the person who nabs the 50 billionth app download.

Upping the ante is status messaging service Hike, which like Addappt also says it will pay the winner if the app they downloaded was its own. However, unlike Addappt, Hike is putting in "$100,000 worth of Apple products and accessories."

Both companies face an uphill battle based on their current location on the charts. Neither company is currently within Apple's top 200 downloaded apps. Addappt peaked at No. 68 in the social-networking subcategory this past December, while Hike reached No. 49 in social networking at the end of March.

The marketing push, which both companies clearly hope will bolster downloads, is the first such effort around one of Apple's giveaways. Previous benchmarks include Apple's App Store hitting 25 billion downloads last March, as well as the iTunes Store selling its 25th billion song back in February, though neither had offers from companies or musicians if their app or song was downloaded by the winner.

According to Apple's virtual countdown meter -- which is completely unscientific -- the contest is estimated to run approximately another five days. People also can sign up to enter it without downloading anything.

Updated at 12:20 p.m. PT to add additional contest from Hike.


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