App for iPhone tells you where to get naked

Looking for other naked people but don't want to dare the strip club or locker room? The App Store has an app for that.

Comic Sans doesn't lend any credibility, I'm sorry to say. American Association For Nude Recreation

Apple has for some reason seen fit to approve an iPhone app that helps nudists find one another. Developed by Simply Basic Software, AANRmobile is the official app for the American Association for Nude Recreation, which says it boasts up to 50,000 members and more than 260 resorts nationwide. That's a lot of skin.

The app isn't that scandalous, really. It has no images and no links to images of nudity, which, based on the nudists I've known in Olympia, Wash., is perhaps a good thing.

It does include an FAQ regarding recreational nudity (which I think is different than professional nudity, but I'm no expert). It also has a nudist club directory and a list of popular nude activities, like nude volleyball, all for some reason using the Comic Sans font.

It's free, it's available now, and hopefully it can help you find other like-minded naked people. Myself, I'm going to go shopping for an overcoat, a sweater, some pants, a hat, and one of everything else at Banana Republic.

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