AOL launches two new sites in ad-friendly niches

Lemondrop and PopEater, two "lifestyle" blogs, have joined AOL's network of niche sites that use its Platform-A advertising technology.

Lemondrop, one of AOL's new sites. Do you miss making out, too? AOL

After letting them gestate in beta for a while, AOL has formally launched two new "lifestyle" sites: entertainment blog PopEater and quirky women's lifestyle title Lemondrop. They're the latest in a series of original blogs that AOL has rolled out, from men's site Asylum to Web meme blog Urlesque, adding to the titles it absorbed when it acquired the Weblogs Inc. network.

Lemondrop is cute, fluffier than Jezebel but a little bit edgier than anything you'd see in the squeaky-clean Sugar Inc. blog network. When I loaded it up, the top story was a rant called "I Miss Making Out," and further down was a gallery of sexy fictional murderers in conjunction with the recent news that the slasher flick American Psycho will be adapted into a stage musical.

As for PopEater, AOL already owns a phenomenally successful entertainment site,, so a new one may look a bit redundant. PopEater, however, looks like it's more Entertainment Weekly than Us Weekly, focused more on how the fall TV season's faring than which celebrity is staggering drunk out of which West Hollywood nigthclub.

But more importantly, both Lemondrop and PopEater are geared toward tasty advertising demographics: young-ish, media-savvy women with enough time on their hands to read entertainment blogs. Like all other AOL properties, their ads are served by the company's Platform-A technology .

AOL is pitching its sites as prime space for advertisers: traffic numbers for these "programming sites" hit an all-time high in August, according to ComScore.

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