AOL gets its own Google AdWords search ad service

AOL wants advertisers to be able to buy search ads that appear only on the AOL network. So, AOL has made a deal for a Google white-label AOL-branded search advertising service--dubbed AOL Search Marketplace. The service has been in beta with about 30 advertisers since the beginning of the year, but is being expanded to a larger group of chosen advertisers on Monday, AOL says.

The deal is an extension of a partnership between AOL and Google that dates to 2002 and was renewed and expanded in December 2005. As part of the deal, . Google powers AOL's search engine and serves up sponsored search links.

Up until now, marketers targeting AOL would buy search ads that would run on both AOL's and Google's search sites. "When the advertisers bought keywords in the Google network they weren't seeing how that search buy compared to the AOL buy," said Dariusz Paczuski, vice president of search products at AOL. "With the introduction of Search Marketplace, we're bringing a full suite of solutions to our advertisers to help them maximize and manage campaigns across the AOL network," including banner ads, search ads and other cost-per-click advertising.

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