Antiviral marketing: Kaspersky and me

Russian security vendor Kaspersky turns to YouTube for funny, edgy advertising campaign.

Talk about viral marketing (or, in this case, antiviral marketing). Someone's gone and made a rap video about the Kaspersky Internet Security suite and posted it to YouTube. And they're not alone. Security vendor Kaspersky is running a contest in the U.S. and Canada asking you to make a video and then upload it to a special YouTube page with appropriate tags. Every entrant will receive a "I had worms" T-shirt from Kaspersky and also be entered into a grand prize drawing for a chance to win a trip to Russia, Las Vegas, or an ocean cruise. Runners-up will win either a 42-inch TV, an Apple iPhone, or a Sony Camcorder.

So far, there are only two professionally produced videos on the Kaspersky YouTube page. One is an older man and a younger man seated on a park bench with a bunch of pigeons.

The best, however, is a rap song, "Packin the K," which includes such memorable lines as:

"On hackers,
We put the hurt-sky
We use Kaspersky
We use the K!"

And this:

"When I'm packing the K
He's attacking like a dog
So you feel safe
When you're writing your blog"

Kaspersky isn't alone. Earlier this year, Symantec announced a funny face emoticon contest for its Norton 360 product. That context ends next Monday. The Kasperksy contest, which includes a starter kit of images for use in the video, runs until December 1, 2007.

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